Program error updating 12150

Before updating the platform to the new version, we recommend that you perform the Commit operation to send all local changes to the MQL5 Storage.

Note: the USDEUR and USDGBP pairs are used in the source dollar index formula.

For example, if the calculation formula is EURUSD*GBPUSD, the price of the synthetic symbol will be calculated as follows: The availability of changes is checked separately for each price.

For example, if only the Bid price of a source instrument has changed, only the appropriate price of a synthetic instrument will be calculated.

If it does not exist, the history for the last 60 days will be created, which includes about 50,000 bars. bars in chart' parameter in platform settings, the appropriate restriction will apply.Since only reverse pairs are available in the platform, a negative power and Ask instead of Bid are used in the synthetic symbol formula.The platform will calculate in real time the price of the new instrument based on the quotes of the other six symbols provided by your broker.Creating a History of Minute Bars In addition to collecting ticks in real time, the platform creates a minute history of the synthetic instrument.It enables traders to view synthetic symbol charts similar to normal ones, as well as to conduct technical analysis using objects and indicators.Therefore, you will need to perform a checkout of all data from the storage after the platform update.Data stored at the MQL5 Storage will not be lost or affected during the update.Specify the following: The following arithmetic operations can be used in the formula: addition ( ), subtraction (-), multiplication (*), devision (/) and remainder of division (%).For example, EURUSD GBPUSD means that the price is calculated as the sum of EURUSD and GBPUSD prices.If some of bars within this period have already been create, the platform will additionally generate new bars.A deeper history is created if the user tries to view an older time period on the chart (by scrolling it back or accessing it from an MQL5 program).

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