Reasons for and against online dating

Cynognathus, a Triassic land reptile, fossils are found in South America and Africa.

The Triassic era was between 250,000,000 and 200,000,000 years ago.

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” The shells were deposited in layers on the Ocean floor over millions of years, layers that would be violently broken up and rippled into a mountain range 480,000,000 years ago by a catastrophic earthquake.

Mutations that reduce an organism’s ability to survive and reproduce will be less likely to end up in offspring.

Take a quantity of uranium-238 and in 4.5 billion years half of it will have turned into lead-206.

When molten rock hardens into a solid, the uranium-238 within it begins to decay.

By measuring the ratio of carbon-14 in a younger fossil, scientists can estimate its age.

These fossilized bacterial colonies date back 2.7 billion years and may extend 3.4 billion years.

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