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After that, he had a small role in an advert for Mc Cain Microchips.At the same time, he played the role of a chef in a commercial entitled “.In December 2007, in an interview with The Daily Telegraph, Baron Cohen announced that Ali G, along with Borat, had been retired.Ali G is a fictional stereotype of a White British suburban male who imitates rap culture as well as urban Black British and British Jamaican culture, particularly through hip hop, reggae, drum and bass and jungle music, as well as speaking in rude boy-style English with borrowed expressions from Jamaican Patois.He and his wife, actress Isla Fisher, locked themselves in the bathroom for 40 minutes to secretly put on his costume, after telling people he had food poisoning.Ali G is the leader of a fictional gang called "Da West Staines Massif", who currently lives in his grandmother's garage in a semi-detached house at 36 Cherry Blossom Close, in the heart of the "Staines Ghetto".

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He complains that her "babylons" are not as big as they appear to be on TV and calls her "Maradona" when asking to be in her next video.

However, his fans love him for his acting skills and charming looks. He is active on Facebook and Instagram but he is not active on Twitter.

He has a good height of 6 Feet and 3 Inches (1.91 m) with body weight 80 kg. He has around 3,744,293 followers on Facebook and has more than 195k followers on Twitter.

Staines, a commuter town to the west of London, is completely different from the inner city ghetto that Ali G claims.

In the same comic vein, he also makes reference to other similar stockbroker belt towns in the area, such as Egham, Langley and Englefield Green.

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