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To me, you want to know these people are gonna be okay. It’s not really being out of gory moments, but you kinda go, ‘To what end?

A lot of our fans who aren’t journalists, frankly,” he said, laughing, “are going to appreciate knowing that we parked these people in a good place. ’ Like, it’s not all that fun to explode vampires over and over again. In short, Alexander Skarsgard had commitments in London for the filming of .

I don’t think it was, ‘If I can’t have you, no vampire can have you.’ I don’t think it was any of those things. But he also had to have a secondary reason for wanting to go, because when Sookie puts away her light, Bill has to still want to die.

Otherwise, let’s get over to Fangtasia right now,” he said.

Here’s what you need to know: • Why did we not see the face of the man Sookie ended up with?

“The idea was that we wanted Bill to be correct when he said that Sookie could have a normal life, the twist, of course, being that Sookie chose to keep her power and specialness and persevere—despite his belief that she couldn’t be okay without giving up her powers,” Buckner says.

She has felt inflicted but also empowered with her power.

So I don’t think Bill was being a weasel for suggesting to Sookie,’Use your light.’ I don’t think it was weak.

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“I don’t know what the scenes would be if we just did scenes of James and Lafayette being happy together.

• But why didn’t it come down to the Bill-Sookie-Eric love triangle?

“I think I’ve actually honored all the writers that have been here, in terms of it not being, ‘Which man will Sookie choose?

“I think what Bill came around to, similar to what Godric came around to, is that a human life is extraordinary, too.” It’s what Niall, Bill, and Gran (via flashback in the finale) all told Sookie. I’m not confused by it, but it is certainly made more complex because it’s ultimately a Sookie story, not a Bill story.” And again, the moral of Sookie’s story goes back to what Gran told her: “You don’t have to change yourself in order to have everything you want. That’s what I was hoping people were carrying forward when Sookie makes her ultimate decision not to give [her light] up in the finale,” Buckner said. “I think that [Sookie] was the center of the show again in a way that I don’t think she has been in a bit of time. I know that this show has made its living on sex and gore and violence.

But without story, all that starts to take on the feeling of a snuff film,” he said.

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