Sex position

There’s not much body-to-body contact, and that can get pretty emotional and close.In this position, you can easily hit it and quit it—if that’s what you’re into, that is. Since it puts women in control for most of the time, they can really navigate their bodies in order to get the best pleasure out of the experience.Women can lean forward, back, and even gyrate their hips if they really want to—leading them to mind-shattering orgasms. This position not only gives women the option to play with themselves, but also to play with their partner’s manhood.If a woman’s partner is into it, she has full access to give his balls some added stimulation that is otherwise hard to reach.

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All you do is take the woman who is on top and turn her around so she’s facing away from her man, while still straddling him.

Let’s face it: men do most of the work, the majority of the time.

I’m the first to admit that it’s easy to be lazy with sex, because there are so many positions that cater to women laying there and letting their men work.

The only thing that would make this position more accurate for its name is if she threw on a cowgirl hat—but that’s whole other article!

Why reverse cowgirl is the best Everybody has their own personal tastes on what they like best and what feels best for them.

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