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Screen Updating = True End Sub I want it to be false not true.Screen Updating = False On Error Go To Error Handler Select Case Msg Box T("What do you wish?It needn’t come to that – if she shows the Sagittarius man that she trusts him and stops being jealous, he may well choose to be faithful.But if she pushes the point, he may have an affair just because…well, just because he can.Macros Two and Three are called by Macros One and Two, but you cannot see the results of your code until the last macro is completed, unless you had set the Screen Updating back to the way it was in each macro.

Follow Hyperlink "mailto:[email protected]" End Select Error Handler: Application.

Sagittarius is a mutable sign, and the element of Fire gives this man enough speed in his changes that he seems hard to contain.

Still, when he finds himself in a relationship with a partner who can follow his pace, there is a great chance he will become committed, faithful and unusually stable.

Paste Special Paste:=xl Paste Values, Operation:=xl None, Skip Blanks _ :=False, Transpose:=True Worksheets("Database").

Third, there might be times when you are running code in sequence and you want to see what you did while you are doing it.

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