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Like the i [email protected] anime before it, Side M’s strong appeal comes from its focus on achieving dreams, being idols, and a diverse cast.

You see people in different stages of being an idol; being scouted, preparing to debut, and retaining popularity.

Let’s take a look at the newest incarnation of i [email protected], Side M!

While, previously, all the idols you could produce had been mostly high school-aged young girls, Side M is quite the diverse spin.Kaoru is often cold towards others and focused on himself and simply desires to be the best idol.His training as a doctor comes out when someone is hurt and Kaoru’s demeanor changes to concerned and caring.Not only are they all male, but they have a huge age range, from high school boys to working men!Youth is seen as a time for potential and change, but Side M proves anyone regardless of gender or age can see their dreams come true.World leader in Multi-Effect Distillation through Sidem and Entropie's expertise, Veolia Water Technologies has more than 80% of the worldwide installed MED capacity.In membrane desalination, Veolia has first class RO references from modular installations delivered by their regional entities to large turnkey plants built by OTV or Westgarth with capacities of up to 350 000m3/d.Whether or not you consider yourself an idol fan, you’ve probably heard of i [email protected] With all the different games, anime, and CDs out there, you’ve probably seen some of the characters at some point.i [email protected] at its roots is a game where you play as a producer and help aspiring idols gain success.A literal flower-boy, Minori actually works at a flower shop on top of being very handsome. Because his students are so important to him, Hazama wanted to become an idol to inspire them to work hard.He also keeps his fellow members on track by keeping Yamashita diligent and Maita focused. As a former English teacher, he continues to use English words in nearly every sentence he speaks. He doesn’t seem to care about things like teaching, his appearance, or even idol work, but follows the example Hazama sets for him.

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