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It had belonged to his grandfather, he believed, and carried a sense of history. Smiling a little at the echo of her voice in his head, Remus picked up the small paper bag on the bed and tucked it into his pocket.

It was a feeble offering; there were no two ways about it.

If the forecast on the wireless was to be believed, this stretch of particularly foul weather was due to last some weeks.

It would be a matter of common sense to purchase a new coat, but, wretchedly shabby though it might be, he couldn't bring himself to discard this one.

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Since his adolescence, when steady girlfriends had been few and far between, he had sustained barely a nodding acquaintanceship with the ridiculous holiday and would have been perfectly happy for things to remain so.You're right on time." Her voice was infused with determined cheer and the maternal attitude that never failed to reduce him to a bashful schoolboy.The fact that she hadn't so much as flinched at his abrupt appearance, Remus noted, was as telling a sign as any of her preoccupation.Twisting his wand, he heard the familiar in his eardrums before the tight, nauseating pressure squeezed his body into uncomfortable proportions.Even the unpleasantness of Apparition was a welcome discomfort tonight, however, if it meant a tighter grasp on his sanity than was permitted by hours in Spinner's End.It suited Tonks from her candy curls to her painted toes.Securing the warded latch on the window, Remus reached for his wand, barely holding his shudder as he scanned the room in one last surveillance check. The prospect of Molly Weasley's cooking was always enticing, but he would have accepted an invitation to tea with Dolores Umbridge if it entailed an evening away from Spinner's End.He'd either fled to his master or had abandoned ship on all sides; he wouldn't be coming home any time soon.Hestia Jones had kindly offered to house-sit for an evening; he could hear her humming in the living room and silently saluted such fortitude of character.They were all worried about Harry, Ron and Hermione, who had been in patchy contact for the past few weeks, but he realized that Molly probably felt it most keenly.She was terrified for her missing children and reluctant to reveal that fear to the ones who remained behind."Hello, Molly, how are you?

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