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Each person arrives at the simple date in their own transportation, sometime during the daytime.

The meeting is usually done in a public place, perhaps at an inexpensive restaurant or coffee shop.As I walked down an aisle, I was delighted when an attractive woman smiled at me.We eventually exchanged smiles again as we passed each other in different aisles.Finally, in one aisle, the attractive woman began talking to me.She said that she had noticed how I wasn't buying much food and that I must be single.I can even give you an instance when that happened to me, and which may be encouraging.Some time ago (before I was married), I was at a local grocery store to pick up a few things for dinner.It is common for the happy couple to answer that the woman did.One woman called in while I was airing on a radio show in Reno, Nevada to tell me that her loving husband of 15 years and herself still disagree as to who asked who out on the first date.If you're interested in getting together again, don't hesitate to say so. If you are not interested in seeing him again, tell him so. When I'm on live call-in radio shows, I talk to many different people across the country.I often ask married people who asked who out for the first date.

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