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For example, antidepressants usually enhance the effect of serotonin and epinephrines.

We now know that if we give the amino acids tryptophan (increased with niacin supplementation) or tyrosine, the body can synthesize these neurotransmitters, thereby achieving the same effect and imitating or adding to the net effect of these drugs.

This is an alternative to vitamin supplementation provided the rest of the diet has ample nutrition. Enzyme production capacity may re-ignite with supplements, so one can wean off them.

Minerals must still be taken if the diet is deficient. Pancreatin 5X – 200 mg Bile extract – 150 mg Malt Diastase – 60 mg Bromelain – 10 mg Papain – 30 mg Cellulase – 20 mg Amylase – 10 mg Protease – 10 mg(Betaine Hydrochloride – 5 mg: assists stomach acid)Supplement if having a cooked meal and occasionally at night before going to sleep on an empty stomach.

Thiamin deficiency may have some relationship to conflict.

In excess, causes the pancreas to produce too much insulin and the sugar cannot be absorbed.

The sugar ends up combining with cellular membranes instead of being taken up which stops the cells from absorbing fat resulting in more insulin production.

Nutrients have fewer, milder side effects, and the challenge of the future is to replace or sometimes combine drugs with the natural healers called nutrients.

Other symbols include:§ – Supplement real age optimal for full daily absorption after age 40 when absorption declines.£ – Molecular distilled to prevent high occurrences of lead or pesticides.♠ – Dangerous supplement, minimal dosage that is effective—above RDA and below RAO♣ – Risky supplement, requires avoiding something else♥ – Recommend supplement♦ – Supplement if vegetarian, i.e.

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