Template changes not updating

So far I only have one editor, and that is the new App.config Prism Module Editor.

Hand writing XML in your App.config can be a pain in the ass, and it’s not type safe so it is extremely easy to get the syntax wrong, or introduce any number of typos that will cause your app to fail to load your modules and flat out crash.

Also, keep in mind that this was my first attempt at creating templates and a custom editor, so if you find any issues be gentle.

I try to keep the information here as relevant as possible but please let me know if you find any problems while reading this article.Be sure to report any issues you run into, and feel free to fix them and submit your PR.As always, feel free contact me on my blog, connect with me on Twitter (@brianlagunas), or leave a comment below for any questions or comments you may have.Instead of explaining why let’s start backwards: assume you already want to start learning some template metaprogramming. And that is a good thing ™, for mere mortal programmers tend to like getting their jobs done.Yeah, I’m sure there are many legitimate reasons, like job security or job security perhaps, but if you want to learn template metaprogramming the most likely explanation is you are nuts. Having said that, let’s learn some template metaprogramming!Some corrections have been made already, thanks to all the commenters at the bottom of this page who write to let me know when I have stuff to correct!, which look really weird (but behave in an even more bizarre way).Since WPF is the only platform that supports having an App.config file act as a module catalog, it is only useful in WPF.In order to use it simply right-click your App.config file, and select Open With Prism Module Editor.Well, I am happy to announce, that now you can automate all that setup code right within Visual Studio.We have released a new VSIX to the Visual Studio Gallery called the Prism Template Pack.

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