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In conclusion, what looks and feel good for you, in other culture might be the opposite. Most Western guys don’t dream of waking up every morning next to an obese woman, but admittedly, some guys are into that sort of thing. Constantly seeing products that are alleged to lighten women’s skin. Certainly, doesn’t fit the profile of a girl typically seen with a farang.Now I honestly don’t believe that farangs “prefer” these Isaan type of women, although most seem content with anyone who’s thin and young, regardless of what they look like.That they’d rather be with a Thai guy, but are with the farang for financial reasons? The truth is probably that many of these women have had some bad experiences with Thai guys and although they’d still prefer a decent Thai guy, he’s probably out of reach. So why is this “decent Thai guy” so out of reach for these “Isaan” type women?There’s a well-kept secret in Thailand that every Thai person seems to know but no farang does (or maybe can’t grasp what it means).Not many other sites can offer you the chance to connect with over 1.5 million singles from Thailand and across the world, searching for love.We are committed to helping you find the perfect match, no matter where in the world you may be.What Thais talk about when farangs aren’t around, why Thai people “smile” a lot, etc.All they know is what their Thai wife or GF or their small circle of friends and relatives have told them, which is of course usually completely biased and distorted.

You’re not going to have access to the same type of women that I have – and I say this almost apologetically.

He is fluent in Thai but actually prefer English as he believes it to be his native language. But believe me when I tell you that Thais will share with me stuff that they’ll NEVER share with a western man, not even if they’re married to one.

And I’ll say this: They really don’t see how things are, how they’re perceived by the average Thai, men and women.

Thais only believe that Thai women with white men are BGs/ex-BGs because it’s true the majority of the time. Most Thai girls culturally are conservative by nature and don’t want to be seen as “that sort of woman.” So that takes out the “nice” girls.

And the women that are educated and well-off – well they don’t need that stigma either.

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