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As head hitman, 'Popeye' executed - either personally or on his orders - thousands of people deemed to be a threat to the empire, including policemen, journalists, politicians and judges, while innocent civilians were also inevitably caught up in the carnage.

After meeting Escobar through a childhood friend when he was 18, Vasquez's first 'contract' was to kill a bus conductor in Medellin who had enraged Escobar after he didn't help a friend's mother who fell as she got off the bus, and died.

When one reader, responding to a drawing by Vasquez with the words 'A real man isn't the one who never fails, but the one who corrects his path', asked 'what about the people who couldn't correct their path because they were assassinated?

', he simply replied: 'They died in the war.''In jail I learned how to be reintegrated back into society. I only feel I'm free when I go to the bathroom and see myself in the mirror, because in jail there were no mirrors.

The Colombian, who is now in hiding fearing retribution from his victims' families, claims he is now ready to pen a tell-all memoir lifting the lid on his time in the Medellin Cartel, which left 600 police officers and thousands of civilians dead.

Murder: Vasquez was linked to the 1989 Avianca jet crash (pictured) in which 107 people died.

Speaking from his mountain hideout to Colombian TV station Caracol, Vasquez said that Escobar's £20billion fortune enabled him to take control of the country's intelligence agency, the Administrative Department of Security (DAS).

The department, which was dissolved in 2011, provided security to state institutions, politicians and other figures, as well as having a role similar to that of America's FBI, with investigative and counter-intelligence responsibilities.

We got so close to him sometimes the cups of coffee would still be warm and you would hear the choppers taking off.

Policing chaos: A Colombian Army helicopter patrols in Bogota, Colombia (pictured in 1993), in the wake of several bombings which officials attributed to drug traffickers led by drug lord Pablo Escobar In jail, he cooperated with the authorities to secure the conviction of other Medellin members, studied for degrees and acted as a mentor for younger prisoners, encouraging them not to return to a life of crime on their release.

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