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In this study, we evaluated self-esteem, social adjustment, and sexuality, together with their determinants, in a population-based cohort of Turner syndrome patients treated with GH in France.The design of the study has been described in detail elsewhere (9, 11).The Association France-Hypophyse database is nominative, which allowed mailing the questionnaires.A coded identifier was included to medical data exported to the study database and the questionnaires.The Sta Tur cohort includes all patients with a diagnosis of Turner syndrome diagnosed on karyotype analysis who were treated with GH in France during the study period (1986–1997) and were obligatorily registered in the Association France-Hypophyse database.The study was approved by the Departement de la Recherche Clinique et du Développement of Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux de Paris and was considered as requiring no informed consent because on-treatment data had been collected as part of a national mandatory program, and patients were free to respond to the questionnaire.Objective: The objective of the study was to identify the determinants of self-esteem, social adjustment, and initiation of sex life in patients with Turner syndrome, particularly those related to pubertal management.Design: This was a prospective evaluation, the Sta Tur study.

We identified several components of the disease or consequences of medical management as factors associated with low health-related quality of life scores: cardiac and otological involvement, induction of puberty after the age of 15 yr, and higher expectations from GH treatment.Main Outcome Measures: Measures used in the study were Coopersmith’s Self-Esteem Inventory, Social Adjustment Scale Self-Report, questions on sexual experience, and extensive data on pediatric management.Results: Low self-esteem was associated with otological involvement and limited sexual experience.As for all chronic diseases of childhood, the medical treatment of Turner syndrome should aim to reduce the impact of this condition on psychosocial functioning, in both childhood and adulthood.However, the impact of management on psychosocial outcomes has not been systematically evaluated for Turner syndrome.It is therefore important to analyze the influence of management options in childhood on these dimensions to help pediatricians make the best choices concerning the management of their patients.The factors determining the onset of sexuality in humans are poorly characterized, and attention has mostly focused on behavioral, environmental, and psychosocial determinants (16).In contrast, height or height gain from treatment had no influence (11).Other aspects of psychosocial functioning, such as self-esteem and social adjustment, have not been systematically evaluated in patients with Turner syndrome (12–15).Setting: The study was conducted with a population-based registry of GH-treated patients.Participants: Participants included 566 young adult women with Turner syndrome, aged 22.6 ± 2.6 yr (range, 18.3–31.2).

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