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Do you really want us to sit you down and explain exactly why we don’t want to pursue a relationship with you?

To explain anything from the fact that we don’t like the way you pick at your dinner in a restaurant, to our feeling that you’re not what we imagined the mother of our children to look like?

Friends and family Your friends and family are at the centre of your world, so it makes sense for you to show your matches the people that are important to you.

We’ve lost count of the number of profiles we’ve seen where the user has uploaded just one photo (and sometimes not a very good one) and left it at that.You might be lovely, but if you start to act a little odd after a few dates we will probably decide it’s best to disappear rather than face the wrath of the woman scorned.Yeah, it’s cowardly, but we still remember what happened in Fatal Attraction…Yes, it’s tempting to upload something that’s was taken when you were a few pounds lighter, or had fewer grey hairs but this really is a false economy.If you meet up with someone and you’ve clearly posted an older photo of yourself, however well you get on in person, they’ll constantly be thinking that you lied to them from the outset.Whether that’s long countryside walks, cheering on your football team or going to gigs, include a photo of you doing something you really love.It’ll show on your face in the picture, and be instantly attractive to any match who has the same interests as you.We don’t want to have to tell you that we’ve met someone we consider to be more convenient, or even that we might just have met the love of our lives.And we also don’t want the hassle of lying about it either Men who are scared of commitment often choose to date someone average rather than someone great with whom they might have a future.In an age when some people think it’s appropriate to end a 3-year relationship via Facebook, some men think nothing of just ‘forgetting’ to get in touch with a woman they’ve been dating.It’s a neat little excuse (but not one we can defend!

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