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A BIG ONE that I NEED you to try do (get started ill help when I get back) is appeal to local charitys, churches, major companys ie Zoo, Cadburys, boots you name it.Write to them and explain my whereabouts and they do send gifts, chocolate, sweets, magazines you name it trust me a lot of the lads parents did it and they've got clothes, the lot.I can only prove how much a letter or small parcel means by finding time to right back – that's probley the most precious thing I have and Id'e trade hours for a letter. I shouldn't really tell you this but its safer than on the phone – were leaving this place.On some much sadder news one of our rifleman died a few days back, we had a parade and a few minutes silence its so strange how many emotions you go through living in these conditions its like everything wants to beat you and rewin your day. Its gonna be a fucking massive operation moving this lot a lot of helicopter rides.[To his brothers:] You are both amazing men and will continue to be throughout your lives you both deserve to be happy and fofill all of your dreams.

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These letters - given to The Independent by his family - reveal the excitement of a teenager sent to fulfil his dream, and his maturity in confronting the possibility that he might not make it home In the spring of 2009, the 2nd Battalion, The Rifles deployed to Afghanistan.

Yes I am young wich as a parent must brake you heart but you must all somehow find the strength that I found to do something no matter how big the challenge.

As Im writing this letter I can see you all crying and mornin my death but if I could have one wish in an "after life" it would be to stop your crying and continueing your dreams (as I did) because if I were watching only that would brake my heart.

I've spoke to you on the phone so you no what I've been doing. If you saw what and where Ive been sleeping you would be shocked!! Unfortunately 3 blokes died 2 days ago in an IED explosion in one of the FOBs [Forward Operating Bases] bout 2 kilometers away – we visited that FOB 2 days before the attack – fucking mental quite scary actually! Im getting pretty good at making flat bread and we bout a goat of a local for 200 dollars and we slaughtered it. Its either catch it, kill it, or make it out here or else you go hungry LOL!!

We'v had a rest day so Im doing a bit of hand washing and fitness! The showers are also freezing whilst Im on the subject of moaning??

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