Updating instances

If the service instance does not appear to be functioning correctly after an update, you can visit its dashboard to double-check that the provided settings are valid and accurate. The service instance is now updated and ready to be used.For information about using an application to access configuration values served by a Config Server service instance, see the Writing Client Applications topic.When I open up the Task Manager I see a mere 13% (1 logical Core) is used to by Maya to update the Geometry and the Ram is slowly, slowly filling up (and it keeps getting slower).After 16 minutes of updating the Geometry it finally starts to render with a mere 31MB Geometry Memory consumption (so instancing is definitely working).If I lower the object count and merge each column (so there are only 6x6 objects), as unique meshes or instances I get the pre processing time down to 8 seconds.

__| __|_ ) _| ( / Amazon Linux AMI ___|\___|___| https://aws.amazon.com/amazon-linux-ami/2013.03-release-notes/ There are 12 security update(s) out of 25 total update(s) available Run "sudo yum update" to apply all updates.I was actually just too lazy and wanted to take the exact same Meshes I used on the close ups..I should have expected this outcome I guess that the process only uses 1 logical cpu core is a maya thing. I'm not sure how IFM handles instances 'under the hood' but I suspect it's a lot quicker/easier just to brute force a scene made up of unique geometry than it is to track down references to models that can have arbitrary position, scaling and rotation and then construct a scene from that without just storing everything expanded in memory.With all of them instantiated I am at around 40 million faces (in the Viewport) and it just takes ages until Iray actually begins rendering.It's loading all Textures and then always keeps hanging while updating the Geometry.Maybe it is a problem with instancing complex objects (with 60 parts and around 30 Materials)?Or is the Geometry Updating process really bottle-necking in this case?Here's a scene I created with simple individual 6 face (12 tri) cubes and 33 different materials. If I render as individual unique meshes, I get about a 44 second processing time before the rendered image first appears.If I do the same using instances for all the cubes, the time jumps to just over 8 minutes. When you sign in to comment, IBM will provide your email, first name and last name to DISQUS.That information, along with your comments, will be governed by DISQUS’ privacy policy.

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