Updating mental illness diagnosis

Indeed, it seems as if Frances and other critics are using the forthcoming revision — the first in more than a decade — as an opportunity to attack the DSM and APA as an entity, rather than any specific set of changes.

DSM supporters cast Frances and his fellow critics as an outspoken minority in the psychiatric world, claiming that their rhetoric is blown out of proportion.

Louis police department, claiming that officers wrongfully placed him in a mental institution on the basis of the DSM's diagnostic criteria.

Some say that a better alternative would be to adopt the World Health Organization's international standards, or to do away with the DSM altogether and start from scratch.

The Society for Humanistic Psychology, a division of the American Psychological Association, launched a petition against the DSM-5 in 2011, echoing the British Psychological Society, which voiced similar concerns in a formal critique.

In the US, some mental health professionals have even organized a boycott movement.

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