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We just upgraded our Movable Type 4 Installation to Movable Type 5. Movable Type 4.38 is going End-Of-Life at the end of 2013. Although it seems to work, the dashboard gives us a warning: We created a version of Promote This that is compatible with Movable Type 5 in order to facilitate upgrades of older Movable Type-based sites, and in order to avoid continued use of Movable Type 4.I always wait a while to upgrade Movable Type (the software I use to publish this site).The wisdom of this approach was borne out when a security fix had to be re-issued because the first fix didn't. Now that I've heard things about security, I am allowing HTML in comments: only the basic formatting ones and links.However, it is not on my most recent comments section on my home page. Also, I fixed a usability annoyance: the Comment Previewing page now remembers your name and such.Our “A-Form to Salesforce” add-on (includes MT plugins A-Form, A-Member, and A-Reserve) allows the user to easily take contact data collected through Movable Type corporate websites and use it alongside the popular Saa S/Cloud CRM (customer management) service, Salesforce.A-Member is a Movable Type plugin designed to help build and operate a member registration website.Functions / Features Restrict access to content with ID and Password verification (password up to 8 characters) Displays a successful log in message upon…

This is an old theme — my first, in fact — originally developed for a client in 2007(? It surely contains lots of old and outdated methods, though I have begun updating some of that (example: making better use of Config Assistant and Theme Manager’s capabilities).

Looking for an MT theme similar to the widely popular Word Press STINGER3 theme?

We highly recommend the responsive web design theme, Eiger: the basic appearance is easily customizable and the SEO tag structures have been recently revamped!

“Eiger” is a customizable Responsive Web Design theme, designed for blogs and corporate websites.

In addition to multi-device viewing support, provided via Media Query (CSS), Movable Type functions make customizing navigational contents as well as image elements, such as logos, headers or banners, very simple.

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