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Unfortunately, this resulted with the old 1.2.5 installer not loading and updating automatically.To resolve this issue please download the latest 1.2.8 installer available …

We're a friendly computing community, bustling with knowledgeable members to help solve your tech questions.However, with the Blizzards API update, some of the users had an enormous issue. If you’ve ever tweaked your addons, you know well how much time it can take.But, don’t worry, you can retrieve all your settings in a few simple steps.Please be free to share it with us in the comments section.RELATED STORIES YOU NEED TO CHECK OUT: For various PC problems, we recommend to use this tool. Computer runs on a Linux operating system we’ve customized to support our touch screen capabilities. Web sites such as a broad selection across many types of programming. Computer is not compatible with Apple’s i Tunes service. This also is how our VIP Support staff will teach you if you ask them to show you how to do something. That goal simply isn’t possible if we allow thousands of different applications to be installed as with standard computers. For example, email and web browsing would be noticeably slower and video chat may be too choppy to enjoy. You can listen to any of the thousands of radio stations available on the internet. (Hulu is a collection of thousands of TV shows, movies, and other programs). You can upload, print, and share photos from a digital camera via any of the 6 built-in USB ports. Do I need to buy anything else to do a video call from my WOW! All you need is high-speed internet access and your new WOW! It comes with a webcam, microphone, speakers and Skype video chat software all built-in. Computer’s many functions, technical issues, automatic backup of your files and settings and several other benefits. You’ll even be able to watch what happens on your screen! Computer comes with a 30-day, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed return policy, 30-day unlimited VIP Support, and a 1 year hardware warranty. You can watch Internet video from You Tube, Hulu and many other web sites. The person you want to call must have a webcam and a video chat account and be one of your contacts. Note that Skype is free for all calls directly between two computers (also called Skype to Skype calls). Most computer viruses out there are targeted at computers running Windows and as such cannot infect computers running a Linux operating system (like your WOW! We provide "server side" virus protection on our end for an extra measure of safety and security. This includes ongoing personal help from our USA based support staff with how to use your WOW! A Tech Buddy is a friend or family member that wants to help you use your WOW! After you give them the User Name and Password you create for them, they can log into our Tech Buddy web site and access your WOW! They can see and control your screen from their computer and help you with whatever question or problem you have. Whether you’re brand new to the world of computers or you’ve tried them before and ended up with nothing more than frustration, the WOW! Update your Dugi Guides now and you will find two new guides …Continue reading Hi everyone, we made some improvements with the PC installer to include new features to make it easier for you to stay up to date.

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