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Therefore, if both the min Occurs and max Occurs attributes are absent, as in all the previous examples, the element must appear once and once only.min Occurs can be assigned any non-negative integer value (e.g. etc.), and max Occurs can be assigned any non-negative integer value or the special string constant "unbounded" meaning there is no maximum so the element can occur an unlimited number of times.Default means that if no value is specified in the XML document then the application reading the document, typically an XML parser or XML Data Binding Library, should use the default specified in the XSD.Fixed means the value in the XML document can only have the value specified in the XSD.Elements of these simple data types are said to have a 'simple content model', whereas elements that can contain other elements are said to have a 'complex content model' and elements that can contain both have a 'mixed content model'.You can also create user defined types using the constructs, which we will cover later.For those who wish to programmatically work with XML documents, XML Data Binding is a much easier way to manipulate your documents using an object oriented approach to enforce the XML schema rules and constraints.Liquid XML Data Binder is an advanced XML toolkit and code generator that will save you many hours of repetitive coding by allowing you to treat your XML documents as an object model within your C , C#, Java, Silverlight or Visual Basic source code.

Examples of simple elements and their XML data are shown below: The previous XSD definitions are shown graphically in Liquid Studio as follows: The valid data values for the element in the XML document can be further constrained using the fixed and default properties.

The cardinality is specified using the min Occurs and max Occurs attributes, and allows an element to be specified as mandatory, optional, or can appear up to a set number of times.

The default values for min Occurs and max Occurs is 1.

Let's fix this by breaking it out using the same technique shown above: A xs:complex Type can also defined globally and given a name.

Named xs:complex Types can then be re-used throughout the schema, either referenced directly or used as the basis to define other xs:complex Types.

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