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You attach this to your device, remove the top part of the velcro when you want to use your webcam, then replace it when you are finished.You have the option to use more professional covers at work and more fun ones, like sports themes, at home.For example, there are mustache-shaped stickers, heart-shaped, balloon-shaped, etc.

At just 16 years old Miss Teen USA, Cassidy Wolf, had her webcam hacked for a year.It’s designed to stay on your computer whether the laptop is open or closed.There is an opening in the middle of the strip that allows your webcam to be used.However, the Eyebloc isn’t a one size fits all solution.There are issues with it staying on Mac Books and it does not work as a laptop webcam cover because you must take it off if you want to close your computer.View on Amazon: Peep Shield The Peep Shield stickers aren’t shaped in circles like the cam JAMR.Instead, they are designed int he shape of the, well, shape.Did you know that hackers could access your webcam without your permission?Webcams can be hacked by a cyber peeper through any Internet-enabled device.They offer a cool feature on their 2.0 version, which includes a built-in mirror for those of you who use your webcam as a mirror.However, these devices have a history of breaking easily and sliding open without you wanting them to, so they aren’t the most effective.

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