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Place the unattend file at the root of your install media and let Windows install itself. If your build process takes longer than a month, you might need the key and activation. Next, power-down (not sleep, hibernate, or pause) the VM and create a snapshot or checkpoint.

The whole process for Windows 7-10 should be 20-30 minutes. This will save you 20-30 minutes of re-installing should a foul-up occur.

The older your version of Windows, the more updates it will need, and the longer the update process will take.

A fresh install of Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 x64 from MS VLC ISO required 296 updates before no more were required (as of February 2016). One might think about adding MS Office into this process to allow it to join in the update process, but there is a reason not.

An SSD for the boot volume with Windows and apps along with a large 2TB traditional HDD for VM storage is a nice setup, and not fiscally unrealistic.

Create a new VM that will become your Windows image.

My VM creation setup, however, is backed-up every night to my trusty 4TB WD USB HDD.

If you can get large-capacity SSDs instead of traditional rotational drives, do it, but don’t sacrifice space for speed.

), desired apps for the image (Office, PDF viewer, web browsers, plugins), virtual machine software (VMware Workstation, Microsoft Hyper-V, or Oracle Virtual Box), and image creation and deployment software (Image X.exe, MDT, SCCM).

From a few PCs, to hundreds, the requirements were the same, to deploy the same configuration with as little, repetitive work as possible.

The ideal target being what Microsoft calls “zero-touch” deployments that require no interaction on the target computer whatsoever.

This is offered by Microsoft System Center (SCCM) along with the Deployment Toolkit (MDT).

Many shops do not operate that way, and have some level of interaction required during the imaging process.

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