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what I did was I downloaded Traveloka app and do my bookings in there…. 1 day = 300.00 pesos 300.00 x 7 days = 2, 100.00 pesos 200.00 for the 8th day = 2, 300.00 but take note, the 3 hotels that we went to are actually has a free breakfast… 2, 300.00 pesos – 500.00 pesos = for our hotels and foods for 8 nights.and since traveloka has so many free coupon, we saved lots of money. Transportations – Honestly you will just be needing the transportation when you are going to Ermita from NAIA Terminal back and forth.and most importantly, do some errands like getting my nbi and cenomar in there, etc. I remember when we are about to send our K1 visa packet, Omar and I prayed over skype video call.

According to the timeline, it already takes 5 months to get the NOA2 (Notice of Approval from USCIS)…

We find it cheap enough for 3 nights for a good hotel room.

It has no free breakfast and the internet is not that good though…

but we still find it so good since it is just a minute walk going to the St.

Luke’s Extension Clinic where we had our medical exam and also a 5-7 minute walk going to Robinson’s Place where we bought our daily foods. Computation: 4, 721.28 pesos divided by 2 = 2, 360.64 pesos each In our next hotel, it was already us who booked a hotel. We actually tend to hotel hopping too that’s why we tried 4 hotels and at the same time trying our best to budget. I tell you, the foods are already delicious with that amount.

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